Is it your Turn to Wear the Ugly Sweater?

We all too often look at our dis-ease or life difficulties like a punishment. We wear them like an ugly sweater. All the time looking for understanding, some compassion, and the solution. However, desperation, depression, self-pity, anxiety, anger, fear can take root, deep in our soul. This is when we are open to listening, willing to change, asking for prayer, become laser focused on ourselves and our health. Pretty much willing to stop the merry-go-round single handed and get off to any destination other than where we find ourself.

I ask...Why wait?

Why wait for the difficulties? Why wait for a disease? Give yourself the permission to get off the merry-go-round right now. If this speaks to your heart, you know the one I am talking about. Or maybe there is more than one. We wait, thinking it will change. But things don't change, people change. We are only in control of ourselves. We need to change. When our body says it's tired, too tired, too stressed out, exhausted, do we listen to it? If we keep saying that we are sick, unhappy, financially broke, spiritually unfulfilled...we set ourselves up for dis-ease and difficulty.

Don't get me wrong, difficulty and disease do have a purpose. We do learn many lessons during those trying times. They are the "gifts" that we have been dealt. We don't understand that at the time of diagnosis or the day something drastic changes everything, but over time if we open our heart and mind, we see that it is all good. It was something we needed to happen. That the change would never have come about and the future could not unfold the way it was meant to. We discover our gifts that are given to us by God above and learn how to use them to help others. Our own experience, our ability to "make it through" our lessons can be used to guide others down the same path. It makes us more empathetic, sympathetic, compassionate to the same in others.

Again I ask...Why wait?

Today, turn your thoughts, your difficulties or diseases that cause you to struggle, back into the gifts that they are. Ask yourself these questions below and then email me with your thoughts about what you have learned. (

  1. Before my dis-ease/difficult life challenge, how did I feel about someone with this situation?
  2. How have my feelings about my situation changed over time?
  3. At what stage of acceptance am I at?
  4. At what stage of learning am I?
  5. How has this situation changed me?
  6. How do I feel about others in the same situation as I am now?
  7. What lessons have I learned about myself?
  8. What lessons can I share with someone else going through this?
  9. How has this situation been of benefit (even in a small way)
  10. Have I grown in some way from this?
  11. Am I open to change?
  12. Can I see this as a gift yet?
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