Holiday Traditions and Making the Holidays Unexpectedly Healthy

What's Your Tradition?

Just thinking about the holidays gives me a childish grin. All those wonderful aromas wafting from the kitchen and filling the house. All those fun dishes that we only see on special occasions come flooding out onto the meticulously arranged table with the special occasion dishes, silver, glasses, bowls, table cloths, napkins candles and more. It's so festive and fun.

But when we think of making those dishes healthy, a bit of dread comes over us. How could it possibly be healthy and still the same? 

Mindset matters. What is important about our longstanding family traditions? It's the reason we are gathering together in the first place. Focus on the reason behind the tradition. Make everything about that and not so much about the actual food. 

Make some little tweeks to the menu:
  • Serve a few more fresh fruits and veggies by arranging them in decorative ways

Use your imagination to
create an amazing table.

Ask people to join in the fun and decorate a plate to bring to dinner.

But focus on what is really important...each other. If you spend the holidays alone and that is not what you prefer to do, get out of the house, go to the soup kitchen and serve the less fortunate, take something to the neighbor, appreciate that you have this day and you can do with it what you choose. 

What is naturally healthy for a holiday is not just about what you eat, but what may be eating you. I have a way of easing into and out of the day that gives me the best day I can have. But, it's up to me. I can be upset, ugly, stressed...or I can choose to be accepting, flexible, tolerant and approving with myself and others. 

FOCUS on what is good, happy, healthy and life will appear to give you more of that.

To you and yours, may all your holiday traditions have a little more natural health included. I want to see you next year and many years to come!


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